Three things insourced marketing gets right, and wrong

October 11, 2022
insourced marketing procs and cons

We’d like to share some of the notable and patently consistent observations. Also , we want to offer to help you improve your internal team. Granted, as your team becomes more capable and efficient, we become less billable. If you need a second set of eyes, we’re here to help.


What insourced marketing (insourcing) often gets right


1Business-driven focus Your team is likely to focus on core business-driven goals. These help to attach true meaning and purpose in your team’s daily grind. If developed well, this can help to inculcate an entrepreneurial spirit through the team as they correlate action to impact. Aside from security, this is at the root of why most people who move from agencies to insource take the plunge. Taking care to amplify this, and not allow it to get lost in a schedule chock full of meetings, would be wise.


2 Content The closer you are to the business and its stakeholders, the better equipped you are to create and distribute authentic content. Agencies tend to add hype and drama unnecessarily. Being straightforward about your value and what matters to your audience will always rise above. Investing additional time and resource in content development will always pay dividends.


3 Stakeholder Enablement Your stakeholders, e.g. your clients, are leaders that commonly have responsibility over a P&L. Their attention is on selling, delivering and satisfaction. When things go south in their world, it’s typically revolving around a drop in client satisfaction – setting the whole chain off. Marketing, unless it’s rich in CX talent (which is rare) often is at arm’s length here. However, when working to elevate sales, this is a different story. You’re able to help a stakeholder navigate the nuances of marketing with an almost therapeutic dynamic. You pull back from all-out consulting because they know their business better than you, and are entirely responsible for their successes and failures. Alternatively, if you simply play a supporting role, they’ll lead you down a rabbit hole that you’ll have a hard time crawling out of. Instead, you walk a fine line between these worlds, counseling and supporting, keeping calm while chasing the blinking light. Agency account people will often be self-serving in these scenarios, focusing on the upsell first and alignment second.


What insourced marketing (insourcing) often gets wrong


1Talent Acquisition Corporate offers security and a slower pace. Talent that’s really good at what they do, they’ll want an outlet for impact on the business. An opportunity to make their work meaningful. The job descriptions we read from our clients tell a different story. The layers of institutional branding combined with an inordinate attention to reporting lines and initiatives, will convey to the candidate that passion is in fact optional. Your candidates are in two primary categories: a. lifelong insourcers looking to level up or b. lifelong agency or gig players looking for stability and a slower pace.


2Communicating ROI Marketing is always the first budget to get cut. We’re used to it. The main reason: you have a hard time translating investment back to value. You generated 1000 MQLs this month, but conversion rates were fractional, and churn rates are hiking. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen, and with Fortune 1000 companies mind you, clients bundle up a more positive-looking executive report that downplays the pain points. This glossing-over is more wantonly employed than you might think. Therefore, while this quarter’s performance might keep the budget through the end of the year, and allow marketing to buy some time, it is short lived. When marketing is able to evoke clarity, accountability and most of all – insights – they win. Marketing is not an exact science and does not have the cause-and-effect protocols that our engineer and finance compadres bank on. Instinct and emotion are natural tools of the trade.


3Pace and staying sharp Take a look at the calendars of your team members. How many of them are actually creating? Do you outsource most of the ‘production’ work and try to focus on management and coordination in house? How do they stay on top of marketing trends? If the answer is trade shows, let’s all just acknowledge that’s just another big meeting on their calendar. Over time, these teams often have a fog of ‘maintain and don’t disrupt’ mindset fall over them. Keeping the status quo becomes more important than making waves. It’s expected, but it is solvable. By contracting agencies like Mavenray you can get a fresh perspective, a jolt to the system. There’s something worth fixing here, and it’s often less complicated than you think. Agencies have the advantage of jumping from client to client and sector to sector, having to shift gears on a dime. It’s draining, but intensely addictive for many in the ranks.

Hopefully these can help. Mavenray fully understands that you want to improve your internal team and optimize their output, impact and growth. We’re here to help however we can. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more.

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