GTM that Unlocks Organic Growth

We help you push the right buttons and pull the right levers to not only exponentially lift organic growth, but build a unique GTM that leads to sustainable market differentiation and penetration.

GTM experts that understand private equity

Our specialists enhance the strategic capabilities of your value team, enabling them to effectively respond to portfolio growth demands and opportunities.
Levers we help a sponsor pull


Pipeline flourishes with powerful, precise digital marketing strategies stemming from a well-crafted go-to-market.

Market Penetration

Expanding market penetration by using data-driven targeting, brand development, and demand generation boosts growth.

Expanding Margins

Expanding margins through automation, reducing media spends, and minimizing experimentation.

GTM services we execute for the sponsor

Commercial DD
Gain deep insights into market dynamics, competitive landscape, and growth potential.
VCPs & Playbooks
Develop actionable plans to enhance the value of your investments.
BD Support
Bolster deal flow and capital raises with unique demand generation tactics that target a specialized audience.
Assessments & Training
Assess the performance and potential of your portfolio companies while arming deal teams with GTM tools. 

GTM services we execute for the port-co

Refresh and build brands that differentiate, scale, and target high-intent audiences. 
Lead Generation
Strategize, execute and optimize multi-channel digital marketing campaigns that drive pipeline.
As a Hubspot Partner, we implement, manage and support the heart of marketing and rev ops.
From industry-specific writers to full video production, we create content that engages.
Digital Experiences
Build highly interactive websites and landing pages that drive conversions.  We specialize in Hubspot and Wordpress. 
Strategy & Insights
From GTM and Marketing strategies to KPIs and dashboards, we help you set the bar and build transparency.  
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Download a GTM Template

Download our free, sample go-to-market template that we use with a number of our clients to get them started from ground zero. It covers all the basics, including budget, pricing and audience segmentation.
Results with real portfolio companies

Commercial HVAC

ARR: $25mm

Early growth

8% increase in ARR
Brand & pipeline fixes
The 100 day VCP came and went with limited success, and no real impact on GTM. This was a carve-out, so brand, GTM and ops were still getting their legs under them. We conducted an assessment, built a marketing playbook, and began rolling out targeted ABM campaigns to reach high-growth prospects immediately.
3 new key accounts accounting for 8% increase in ARR

New GTM and Brand strategies which drastically cut down on transition time as broader strategic vision was shaping up

Focused on high-intent customer acquisition, decreasing CAC over a 6mo period by 80%

We help at every phase


Primarily due-diligence support, assessing & validating commercial viability.


100-day value creation planning. We help with onboarding and aligning organic growth strategies.


We work with portco leadership on executing 100-day plans, and building momentum over the holding period.


Boost performance. Clean up data and insights. Elevate brand equity.

One of our portfolio companies was struggling to generate leads for one of its product lines. In a matter of weeks, Mavenray was able to help us tap into alternative strategies that we didn’t realize were even possible.

Greg Mayer,  Principal, Argosy Capital
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